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With our total workforce of 150 + team members who couldn’t possibly fit one description,
spread across India and the USA with access to Kapture’s technology,
we deliver not just creative and technology solutions but a digital experience like no other.



Vikas Garg

Graduated from IIT Guwahati, Vikas is the dude behind the entire state of the art Kapture technology platform. Previous assignments include Trilogy ( Versata) and Via. Being the CTO, he's the smartest bloke in the team with an innate power to code anything into existence. His goal is to create a business true on values, so everyone benefits from using web technology as the platform.

Vice President

Pearl Tewari

Pearl's the media brain in the team. She has vast amount of media experience that includes organizations like Times of India , Media Transasia and UTV Entertainment. An MBA from University of Wales, Cardiff she ensures that the Adjetter cash registers keep ringing all the time! and of course, being in operations means she always gets blamed when something isn't working right.


Sheshgiri Kamath

Shesh's a commercial pilot with a background in travel technology and retail. Having worked across various countries on multiple platforms, he brings along an interesting viewpoint in the media and technology. Being the CEO, he's the laziest in the founding team. Also, with a tongue twister of a name, his name's mispronounced once every 30 seconds somewhere.

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