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Social Media Marketing

We Help Your Brand Earn Love not Buy Likes

  • How We Do It

    We help you root and nurture a stronger relationship with your users by building, creating, monitoring, responding, measuring, and collaborating to ensure a smarter plan.

  • Social Media Strategy

    We create an effective social media marketing strategy which digs the gold mine of interested users who come back for more business.

  • Increased Fan Engagement

    By creating various boost posts and social campaigns on social media platforms, we increase your post reach and your fan engagement.

  • Brand Identity

    Our Social Media boffins go back and forth to create and do social media management to make your brand stand out and your product get the attention it deserves.

  • Channel Recommendation

    We love your brand just like a tweet loves a retweet and so we recommend only those social channels that work best for your business and give you a higher value in return.

  • Valuable Social Media Insights

    What are we doing? Is that strategy working for you? We keep you updated by sending you social reports on a monthly basis that contain the social insights of every channel.

  • Get Updated via Social Media Plans

    Every month, we send you a social media plan that includes the creatives, boost posts, campaigns, etc. to update you what are we planning for which channel.

  • How it Works

    Our Four-Step Procedure:

    • Brief (This is where you get our CCD coffee)
    • We prepare a proposal
    • Review & Discuss
    • 4. Come Aboard (More Coffee)

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